The Platform of Platforms for Virtual HealthTM

Our telemedicine solutions go far beyond a traditional telemedicine video consultation. With GlobalMed, you get one complete virtual care delivery solution tailored for your needs with telehealth stations, integrated devices and software.

The Platform of Platforms for Virtual Health™ makes it possible for you to touch all aspects of virtual care delivery.

If you need video conferencing, high definition cameras, diagnostic medical devices, and robust software that can transmit and store health data for evidence-based decision making, we've got you covered.  If you need options for virtual care delivery on-the-go, our mobile solutions can integrate with our devices and software so you have a complete virtual health platform by your side anytime, anywhere.  If you need a hardware and software bundle - either purchased or rented, we can do that too.

Let us know your care delivery challenges and we'll find a solution that's right for you!

Telehealth Stations

From carts to space-saving wall mounted units or mobile hard-cases and backpacks, we have the hardware platform you need to provide telemedicine services. As an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer we design, create and build solutions with the utmost quality and precision.

Powerful Software Designed to Simplify Virtual Visits

Delivering virtual consults requires powerful, easy-to-use software. Our software has flexibility built-in, so you can follow your own workflow and documentation requirements. A robust feature set includes diagnostic and workflow tools for every form of virtual care.

Integrated Devices

Our integrated devices enable over 60 modalities of virtual care delivery and provide data to drive clinically sound healthcare decisions. From gathering vitals with stethoscopes, otoscopes and capturing images of the skin, eyes, ears and other areas, almost no examination data is unavailable.

Experienced Advisors

Our full-service consulting group helps you plan, build and grow a successful telehealth program, regardless of the size or current state of your program. Start with our complimentary telehealth readiness session for the expert advice you need. Our clinical and business experts will set you on the path to success.

Make your telemedicine dreams a reality. Contact us today.

The Platform of Platforms for Virtual Health™