Telemedicine For Pets: It’s Really A Thing

What Is It?

Pet owners and veterinarians, take note: taking care of your pets with an online veterinary consultation has become the latest internet thing. With a subscription to televets services and an app, Fuzzy Pet Health can help you stay connected with your pet's veterinarian so that you and your vet can take care of some of those less pressing health issues without a visit to the vet office.

How Does It Work?

Telemedicine for pets works this way: a pet owner needs to subscribe to the Fuzzy Pet Health service and perhaps have some items on hand at home. You then can use your smartphone to chat with a vet on demand. Your virtual vet will ask for further information. You can send pictures and video so that your vet can see what the issue is. If the situation calls for a more in-depth examination, then you can schedule your appointment. If not, then you can receive instructions and treatment options without having to stress out your pet with a visit to the vets.

Who Would Benefit Most?

This telemedicine service would work well for owners of multiple pets, large animals, and owners with only one pet. It allows for the freedom to have questions answered and the initial examination done without the cost or inconvenience of a trip to a veterinary office. Using the latest technology, you can send accurate information to your virtual veterinarian immediately.

What The Vet Will Use

The virtual vet will probably have available a variety of devices to use in the exam, discussion, initial diagnosis, and treatment of pets. Pet owners who truly take their pets' health seriously can consider having these available as well.

The ClinicalAccess Station allows for real-time long-distance accessibility between the veterinarian, ailing pets, and pet owners. Used in other kinds of telemedicine, these are allowing the opening up of the vet telemedicine field as well.

Other options that either the pet owner or the vet could have on hand include the WallDoc. For a telemedicine station, this one applies the advantage of compact, portable access to the ultimate in telemedicine communication.

Designed to connect remotely located animal patients with their medical experts, the CAS teleaudiology stationmake appointments far more convenient for both pet owners and veterinarians. Technology has created convenience unimaginable in past years.

The Future Of Veterinary Telehealth

For real-time assistance in treating behavioral issues, non-emergency injuries, and health problems, veterinary telemedicine is bringing the housecall back into usage. Medical teleconferencing for human patients has led the way and while the legal support network for diagnosis and prescription use needs to catch up, veterinary medicine is becoming more internet friendly than ever.

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