Telehealth Marketing Plan – The Top 5 Essentials

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The telehealth industry is vastly underutilized in part due to poor telemedicine marketing strategies. What is telehealth marketing? A solid and strategic telehealth marketing plan can help you reach new patients, provide better care to existing patients, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

What is Telemedicine?

A telemedicine definition might be described as the treatment and diagnosis of patients with the assistance of technology. Patients and medical professionals alike are able to benefit from the use of telemedicine. Patients with certain medical conditions can be remotely monitored by their doctor. The results can immediately and securely be shared electronically from one medical professional to another for diagnostics. The results can then be shared immediately to a patient. This is just one example of the way telemedicine is improving health care.

Know Your Target Audience

A doctor might benefit more from older patients using telemedicine; however, they are not the early adopters of these new medical technologies. Millennials already approve of telehealth medical practices at a 60 percent acceptance rate, according to a 2015 Salesforce survey. They will help to pay for telehealth expenses while you work to transition Baby Boomers into this brave new world of health care.


As with any new technology, product or service, you must educate your audience before you can convert them into customers. It is essential that you create engaging and interesting educational initiatives so that patients understand the benefits and trust the system. You can also utilize some of the amazing telehealth software programs and apps that help teach people about their diseases and illnesses, as well as preventative health care, for an even better medical experience.


Employers have embraced and support telehealth with open arms. In fact, 70 percent of large companies were already using telehealth by 2016, according to the National Business Group on Health. However, only three percent of employees were utilizing the services. Telehealth saves employers money in preventative health, employees have to take less time off work and employees are happier and more productive overall.

Work with employers to take on some of your marketing efforts on your behalf as this type of medical service is highly appealing to them. A 2014 Towers Watson study revealed that US employers have the potential to save $6 billion in healthcare expenses each year. If you offer employees incentives to utilize telemedicine, you are likely to increase your conversions.

Security Measures

Telehealth can be scary and intimidating for new users. You must make marketing initiatives that assure patients that their information is safe as well as any consultation that is conducted through video conferencing. You should assure your patients that you are not selling their information to third parties and that you are only using telemedicine partners who protect their health information at all costs, as well. It is not enough to use trustworthy and reliable software, you must also protect your infrastructure, internal network and devices to protect the doctor and patient confidentiality just as in person.

Use the Right Channels and Methodologies

To reach the right audience, you must use the right marketing channels. Millennials, Baby Boomers and everyone between uses social media. You should also use endorsements by local celebrities or influencers in each age bracket if possible, and you should ask for feedback from existing patients to share with others. Do not forget to use video tutorials and a telehealth resource center to help people with questions throughout their groundbreaking digital medical journey.

The right telehealth marketing plan will catapult your patient satisfaction levels, create efficiency in your operations and reduce your overall costs. Be sure you target the right patients and use the right channels to reach potential adopters and you will experience a surge in the use of your telemedicine care.

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