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Portable Ultrasound Machine | USB Ultrasound Probe

With a selection of imaging probes and intuitive software, the ClearProbesystem turns every computer in your facility into a portable ultrasound imaging system. At a fraction of the cost of other portable ultrasound devices, the ClearProbe is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that meets the needs of a wide variety of medical fields.

ClearProbe provides outstanding image quality with 256 shades of gray. ClearProbe is highly reliable and durable and is designed to be impervious to dust and dirt. It carries a one-year warranty. Easily save, store and print images with measurements, calculations, annotations, cinloop and zoom with the help of the ClearProbesautoscan mode. Simplicity of the USB design enables use anywhere a PC is available.

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ClearProbe Ultrasound


With a selection of imaging probes and intuitive software, the ClearProbe system turns every computer in your facility into an ultrasound imaging system.

  • Affordable, portable and easy to use. At a fraction of the cost of other portable ultrasound devices.
  • Easy quick look without tying up other systems.
  • Plugs into the USB port of your PC.

Probes for Every Application
The ClearProbe offers surface and endocavity scanners to suit uses in a wide variety of medical fields, including family practice, OB/GYN, urology, internal medicine, emergency medicine, anesthesiology, pain medicine, podiatry, cath labs and ophthalmology.

  • General Purpose Abdominal Probe abdominal cavity (abdominal aorta, liver, kidney, gall bladder) and pelvic cavity (uterus, bladder). Good for use with FAST exam.
  • Endocavity Probe transrectal-prostate wtransvaginal-uterus, adnexa.
  • Vascular Access Probe vascular access (PICC lines), nerve blocks, foreign bodies, small parts, MSK.
  • Ophthalmology Probe eye, retina
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GlobalMed is about as customized and individual as you can be. They go in and literally assess the need. What specialties do you need this technology for, whether it be a stroke or pediatrics or tele-dermatology, and then they customize the product to those needs.

Garfield JonesVice President of Sales, REACH Call

I can do everything but touch the patientI see a lot of the studies that say telemedicine is equivalent to being there. But, I actually think there is a case for saying at times telemedicine is better than being there.

Kathleen WebsterMD, Loyola University Health System