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Better gadgets, consumer demand driving growth in telemedicine

Better gadgets, consumer demand driving growth in telemedicine

A small medical office on the ground floor of Humana’s corporate headquarters in Louisville has no doctor — but you can see one anyway, on a high-definition screen. And with a remotely controlled camera that tilts and rotates, the doctor can see you.

Dr. Mike Noble can even examine your ears, throat or nose, take a close look at your skin, and listen to your heartbeat via high-definition cameras and audio equipment that instantly transmits information to his office – about six blocks away in another downtown Humana building.

The insurance company’s high-tech, doctor-less doctor’s office represents a rapidly growing portion of the healthcare industry: telemedicine, or remotely delivered health care services...
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GlobalMed’s solutions are designed to be interoperable and customizable for healthcare providers, enabling lowered costs, increased access, and enhanced quality of care that collectively improve patient satisfaction. From high-definition exam cameras to real-time, cloud-based PACS, our compliant telemedicine solutions meet the medical data and image delivery needs of a full range of healthcare specialties. Products include the TotalExam™ Cameras, eNcounter® Telemedicine Software, and fully integrated mobile telemedicine systems for primary and specialty care applications. GlobalMed’s position in the market has been recognized by its ranking as the Number 7 fasting growing health company on the Inc 500 List, and Number 95 overall. For more information call +1.480.922.0044.

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