How To Become A Telemedicine Provider

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Telemedicine is exploding in popularity. In our mobile world, students earn degrees online and professionals work from home; now receiving data-driven medical care from a remote provider is becoming a valued standard in healthcare.

However, getting started in telemedicine requires some preparation. Before providing remote medical services, you’ll need to identify the right resources and take the right training to ensure your telemedicine practice will be successful.

Getting Started

The first step is examining the telemedicine companies out there. Some only provide video calls, in which you’ll diagnose patients based on reported symptoms. GlobalMed, on the other hand, provides you with integrated and interactive devices so you can deliver an evidence-based consultation and treatment.

Next, create a clear vision of your patient needs. Will you be monitoring patients recently home from surgery? A patient with Parkinson’s who lacks transportation to appointments? Someone who travels frequently on business? Talk to them and ask if they’d be comfortable receiving virtual care. If older patients seem intimidated by the technology, find out if their caregivers can assist.

Consider also the healthcare plans you participate in and how you’ll be reimbursed. Medicare, Medicaid and commercial plans all have different reimbursement policies for telemedicine services. You’ll want to juxtapose those returns against the costs of your remote practice. When it comes to telecommunications equipment, examination cameras and diagnostic tools, you have a choice of purchasing equipment or simply subscribing through a monthly plan.

Take The Initiative

Once you feel ready to acquire equipment, it’s time to bring your ideas to life. You’ll be able to provide remote care to your patients – wherever they are, when they need it most. Just remember that telemedicine technology is always evolving. Stay current on new devices and software upgrades, and you’ll be able to provide the ultimate in virtual care.

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  • Zohra says:

    I am a professional doctor with specialization in Obs / Gyn having an experience of more the 15 years.
    I have graduated and Post Graduate Diploma in Obs / Gyn from Osmania University, Hyderabad.
    I am interested to join this Telemedicine course, please advice.

  • Yola Arguilla says:

    I’m a dialysis tech and would like to open a telemed business. Please Advise. Thank you.

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