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How to Remove Obstacles
to Specialty Care Through
Virtual Health
Providing Smarter Care and Controlling Costs
Controlling Prison Healthcare
Costs with Telemedicine
Texas Tech Brings
Teledermatology to the Panhandle
Industry Thought Leaders Come Together
to Discuss Telemedicine Now and in the Future
Why Telemedicine, 
Why Now? 
Understanding Telemedicine Reimbursement
Reimbursement Myths
& Realities
The Rise of School-Based Telemedicine 
School-Based Health Centers
& Telemedicine
Improving Rural Health
How Technology Can Prevent
Clinician Burnout
Contribution by Dr. Dean Smith, GlobalMed CMIO
The Tate Chronicles: Telemedicine
and Remote Patient Monitoring
with Gigi Sorenson, GlobalMed Chief Clinical Officer
Healthcare de Jure: Implementation and Use of Telemedicine
with Dr. Dean Smith, GlobalMed Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Why Telemedicine for
Specialty Care
Why Telemedicine
for Corrections

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Exploring the Cosmos with Telemedicine

By Future of Healthcare, General Interest, Health Information Technology, Patient Engagement, Remote Care, Telemedicine Research, Telemedicine Technologies No Comments
If you’ve ever stood in your backyard on a summer night and looked up at the glittering cosmos – or debated the merits of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise vs. Star War’s Millennium Falcon – you’ve probably wondered how far we’ll penetrate the mysteries of space in our lifetime. In some...
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How Telehealth Expands Cancer Care Access

By Evidence-Based Telehealth, Remote Care, Specialty Care, Telemedicine Software, Telemedicine Technologies, Virtual Care No Comments
Almost everyone knows someone who has been impacted by cancer, and each diagnosis has its own set of challenges. But a problem no cancer patient should have to deal with is whether they can see a doctor who can address their medical needs. Yet the American Society of Clinical Oncology...
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Telehealth: Removing Roadblocks to Care

By Corrections, Cost Savings, General Interest, Remote Care, Telemedicine Technologies, Virtual Care No Comments
While many of us are accustomed to having readily available access to healthcare, that isn’t the reality for many in remote locations. At GlobalMed we know telemedicine can bring care to remote areas, but even with advancements in technology, people in rural and remote locations continue to face limitations in...
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How Telehealth is Reaching Patients Far Beyond Their Couch at Home

By Evidence-Based Telehealth, Mental Health, Patient Engagement, Remote Care, Tele-Emergency Care, Virtual Care No Comments
When you think of telemedicine, you might think of a patient at home using a telehealth app to connect by phone or video with a doctor-of-the-moment who can assess their symptoms and offer advice. What if we told you that virtual care delivery is reaching patients wherever they are from...
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COVID-19: A Catalyst of Change for Rural America

By General Interest, Health Information Technology, Public Policy, Telemedicine Technologies, Virtual Care No Comments
COVID-19 has arrived in rural America, threatening the livelihoods of its most vulnerable residents. Many rural communities have an older, poorer population, and limited hospitals and medical staff. A Kaiser Health News study found that overall, 18 million people live in  counties that have hospitals but no ICU, and about...
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Mental Health Is the Next Pandemic

By General Interest, People, Provider Burnout, Telemedicine Research, Telemedicine Software, Telemedicine Technologies, Virtual Care 2 Comments
While many of us are sheltering in place to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, a massive mental health pandemic is also brewing. Fears about COVID-19, the economic meltdown, and prolonged social-isolation are all taking a toll on mental health. Above all else, Americans say their mental health...
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What happens during a telemedicine visit?

By General Interest, Patient Engagement, Reimbursement, Telemedicine Software, Telemedicine Technologies, Virtual Care 2 Comments
Telemedicine (also called telehealth, virtual care, or virtual health) is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to gain access to health care services remotely. Telehealth visits have historically faced barriers beyond the technological challenges that come with real-time, synchronous audio and video...
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Gratitude and the Promise of Telehealth on the Front Lines of COVID-19

By General Interest, Telemedicine Research, Telemedicine Software, Telemedicine Technologies, Virtual Care No Comments
Prior to COVID-19 there was difficulty in meeting the global demand for healthcare workers. But as COVID-19 cases surge around the world and across America, we are facing an increased shortage of doctors, nurses, hospital beds, as well as a dwindling supply of personal protection equipment (PPE), putting those fighting...
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Why Did it Take a Pandemic to Tell Patients About Telemedicine?

By Capacity Management, Patient Engagement, Provider Burnout, Virtual Care No Comments
Telehealth has been around for years. Why did it take a global crisis to wake up the healthcare industry? There’s only one surprise about Covid-19 and that’s everyone’s surprise at the severity of the ongoing catastrophe. We’ve known this was coming. The World Health Organization told us another influenza-like pandemic...
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