12 Ways Telehealth is Saving Small Hospitals

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Today’s hospitals are under pressure. As community hubs of healthcare, they are tasked with delivering expert medical care across emergency departments, outpatient practices, surgical suites, labs, radiology departments, intensive care units and more. That in itself is a tall order. But consider that they’re also asked to: Provide an exceptional…

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Telemedicine 101: Answering Your Questions

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Lately, we’ve been hearing from providers who want to adopt telemedicine but haven’t run a virtual program before. Correctional leaders have asked how to provide medical care without inmates leaving the facilities. Small town doctors want to connect their rural communities to specialists in urban medical centers. Hospitals want to...
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Why Provider Networks Are Going Virtual

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Here’s what’s great about telemedicine: it can benefit multiple healthcare players at once. So often experience and cynicism have trained us to think of healthcare as a zero-sum game, where expanded market offerings for some patients drive up insurance premiums for others, or a payer’s cost savings program increases the...
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How To Become a Telemedicine Provider

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From medical emergencies to ordinary exams, telemedicine is shattering healthcare barriers all over the world. In addition to reducing costs and improving outcomes, virtual health can bring advanced care to underserved patients while relieving overworked providers. Yet for some clinicians, telemedicine is still shrouded in mystery – often because they’re...
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Can Insurance Companies Choose Your Telehealth Vendor?

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Telemedicine reimbursement is a notoriously complex topic. Policies tend to vary between states, payers, procedure codes and other factors; a variety of myths and misperceptions can complicate virtual health strategy even more. That’s one reason clarity is so important when it comes to telehealth reimbursement – not just because it...
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Treating Skin Cancer in West Texas: A Teledermatology Story

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Nearly 20 Americans die from melanoma every day. That’s a dire statistic and a frustrating one, given that the five-year survival rate for people whose melanoma is detected and treated early is 99 percent. Skin cancer screenings can undoubtedly save lives – but only when patients are aware of their...
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79 Percent of Doctors Are Burned Out. Can Virtual Care Delivery Help?

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A new study from InCrowd paints a disturbing picture about provider burnout and its effect on patient care. The survey of 320 PCPs and 319 specialists reveals that 79 percent of primary care physicians (PCPs) describe themselves as burned out, as do 57 percent of specialists. That’s a sharp rise...
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New Generations, Digital Expectations

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Malcolm X said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” It’s sage advice that many clinicians might agree with. After all, a patient’s behaviors and choices today influence their well-being in the future. But what about provider preparation? Have hospitals...
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Why Aren’t More Pediatricians Using Telemedicine?

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If you had to guess which group used telemedicine the most, what would your answer be? If you guessed mothers, you are correct. According to CNBC, telemedicine leaders report that women and mothers make up the majority of their customers. There’s no mystery why – children get sick a lot. Kids...
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