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Telemedicine for Mental Health is Here

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Telemedicine had its beginning in remote-access physical examinations and treatments. Since that time, using telemedicine for mental health therapy has become an option and may yet prove itself as an essential aspect of mental health treatment. Patients with limited transportation, living in remote locations, or dealing with other issues find…

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Telemedicine Advancements are Changing Sleep Centers

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Telemedicine for Sleep Disorders Telemedicine is a rapidly emerging trend within the healthcare field. Is has more commonly been used in the field of mental health and even addiction but is developing more of footprint among other specialties. Telemedicine is the remote offering of services provided virtually using audio and…

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The Evolving World of Womens Telemedicine

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As state laws and Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement codes expand to allow more uses of telemedicine, one of the growing areas of telemedicine is womens reproductive care. Whether addressing obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN), fertility, pregnancy, prenatal care, post-partum delivery, cancer, or training rural physicians to improve care, womens healthcare is seeing an…

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Phoenix Business Journal: Former White House doctor sees advantages in telemedicine for U.S. president

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Photo Credit: Phoenix Business Journal After last weeks announcement that GlobalMeds telemedicine technology is in the White House and on Air Force One, we reached out to Dr. Connie Mariano, a former White House doctor, to hear her thoughts on this type of technology being used to care for the…

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