Patient Engagement

Treating Skin Cancer in West Texas: A Teledermatology Story

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Nearly 20 Americans die from melanoma every day. That’s a dire statistic and a frustrating one, given that the five-year survival rate for people whose melanoma is detected and treated early is 99 percent. Skin cancer screenings can undoubtedly save lives – but only when patients are aware of their...
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Telemedicine and the Patient Education Gap

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If you regularly follow virtual care news, you might have seen a recent survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation. It asked nearly 1,000 adult respondents if they use their smartphone to complete 10 healthcare-related tasks. For some people, the results seemed to confirm that patients do not like virtual services, since...
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The 8 Elements of Good Telemedicine Training

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There’s no denying it: new technologies can force people out of their comfort zone. That’s especially true with telemedicine, where fear can be a major impediment to successful implementation. Providers may worry about reimbursement barriers or clinically shortchanging their patients; healthcare leaders may worry they’ll waste their investment. That’s one...
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Why Telemedicine, Why Now?

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Modern healthcare can spark furious debates when it comes to chronic disease treatment, congressional bills or care delivery models. But almost everyone agrees on one thing: our current system has severe problems. According to a Gallup poll, 70 percent of Americans say healthcare “is in a state of crisis.” Many...
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79 Percent of Doctors Are Burned Out. Can Virtual Care Delivery Help?

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A new study from InCrowd paints a disturbing picture about provider burnout and its effect on patient care. The survey of 320 PCPs and 319 specialists reveals that 79 percent of primary care physicians (PCPs) describe themselves as burned out, as do 57 percent of specialists. That’s a sharp rise...
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