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Latin America

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Our Mission

At GlobalMed, our mission is to implement secure and efficient health delivery systems around the globe, providing increased access and quality care for all, while eliminating unnecessary costs.

GlobalMed has strong roots in Latin America, with presence through our partnerships with local companies, who provide technical support, training, and customer service. Currently, we have resellers that cover 90% of the region including: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile,Uruguay and Paraguay.

Our partners are highly engaged to develop solutions in each country by providing a tailored in-country marketing strategy, to reach the public and private sector. Efforts in the public sector allowed us to present our wide range of solutions to Ministries of Health, Social Security providers, National Health Institutions and Secretaries of Health. The private sector is showing a high level of interest for deploying telemedicine solutions that would allow them to provide better services and reduce costs.

The Healthcare Issues Affecting Latin America

In Latin America, regional issues include: quality access to healthcare, a lack of medical specialists, a remote population, and effective disaster management. With these problems, telemedicine provides access to the quality healthcare that is needed.

GlobalMed has addressed these problems with innovative telehealth solutions for a wide variety of specific needs across the Latin America region.

Infant Mortality

Mexico has increasingly high infant mortality rates and the government has campaigns to promote early monitoring in rural communities. GlobalMed and our local partners developed customized solutions and are deploying the Transportable Examination Station (TES®) to provide medical examination and early detection, education, and providing highly efficient remote diagnoses.

GlobalMed has strong roots in Latin America with our partners, including:

Mexico: Gila Nanomedical
Argentina: El Cubo Consulting
Brazil: Solutione
Bolivia: Hansa
Colombia: Redsicom
Chile: TouchMedia
Ecuador: Eminkatech S.A.
Peru: Coatel

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