Bringing Telehealth to the Microsoft’s Digital Transformation Showcase

If you were in Washington DC between May 20 and June 21, you may have been lucky enough to attend Microsoft’s Digital Transformation Showcase. Over 5 weeks, participants explored live demos and exhibits that showed how AI, blockchain, IoT, machine learning, cybersecurity and cloud technologies are changing our world. From building a 21st century workforce to dismantling healthcare roadblocks to igniting industry achievement, the showcase illustrated the advances changing our world – not just tomorrow but today.

The showcase was structured as an immersive experience, with the 600+ participants encouraged to ask questions, interact with leaders and ponder solutions to the challenges of our time. One of the pillars was rural healthcare – so naturally GlobalMed had a strong presence as a Microsoft partner. Two telemedicine stations demonstrated our virtual health technology and how we leverage Microsoft’s Azure cloud to dissolve barriers to care and improve patient outcomes. These are common conversations in the healthcare world, but the showcase took them into vivid, three-dimensional life with real-world demonstrations.

Changing the Telemedicine Game

To learn more about the showcase and attendee reactions, we talked to Ben Katzman, our Microsoft account executive. In his 18 months of working with GlobalMed, Kaztman has collaborated with our CTO Shannon Murphy in both her Microsoft and GlobalMed roles, ensured our migration from AWS to Azure was successful, and worked closely with our leadership team on federal business.

He also handled some live demos of the GlobalMed Xpress® Station at the show, where he helped attendees realize the potential for healthcare transformation – particularly for veterans.

“When I began working with GlobalMed, I quickly realized how technologically advanced it was and the difference it’s making in the industry,” Katzman said. “Most people who came to the showcase had only seen telehealth solutions where you basically Skype with the doctor, who acknowledges you’re sick and prescribes a Z pack. There was a look of shock on their faces as they realized this is changing the game on telemedicine, that there’s no other solution quite like GlobalMed.”

Transforming Veteran and Rural Care

The two stations on display illustrated how GlobalMed’s Azure-powered telemedicine solutions transcend the limitations of other telehealth vendors to deliver quality outcomes – not just in clinics and hospitals, but also in workplaces, correctional environments, natural disaster sites, military bases and other areas.

In Station I, the Xpress® Station was used in a tableau of a rural clinician’s office. In this scenario, a rural patient experienced chest pain – but there was no local cardiologist available. The clinician performed an EKG while consulting with a remote cardiologist, who confirmed the patient wasn’t experiencing a cardiac event. The patient was diagnosed and treated appropriately, without involving expensive medical air transport.

In Station II, a GlobalMed Transportable Exam Station (TES) was located in a military bunker to demonstrate telemedicine’s use in service and combat situations. A Navy veteran with 20 years of service, a former Air Force service member and a current National Guard member drew on their military experience to show how virtual care could offer immediate aid to a soldier suffering tissue wounds.

Showcase attendees were inspired by GlobalMed’s capacity to leverage Azure for a data-capturing virtual health consultation and empower secure, evidence-based medicine.

“The big thing was when people realized 48 percent of veterans live in rural areas and that GlobalMed can provide the extensive medical care they require. This isn’t just looking through a camera and saying ‘Yes, you look sick’ but accurately diagnosing them from thousands of miles away,” Katzman said. “Many veterans come home with pre-existing conditions and it’s crucial that we take care of them in the best way possible. This is giving veterans in rural areas access to the type of healthcare they want and deserve, and desperately need.”

Learn more how GlobalMed is helping to transform healthcare for veterans and other military applications at the upcoming Defense Health Information Technology Symposium (DHITS) in Orlando, Florida, July 30-August 2, 2019.  Visit us in booth #721 or reach out now to schedule a meeting ahead of time.

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