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Why Did it Take a Pandemic to Tell Patients About Telemedicine?

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Telehealth has been around for years. Why did it take a global crisis to wake up the healthcare industry? There’s only one surprise about Covid-19 and that’s everyone’s surprise at the severity of the ongoing catastrophe. We’ve known this was coming. The World Health Organization told us another influenza-like pandemic...
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GlobalMed Offers Free Consultations to Healthcare Organizations Under Pressure to Implement Telehealth to Handle COVID-19 Surge

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Provider community needs virtual technology, clinical guidance and proven implementation strategies to combat coronavirus SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. — April 15, 2020 — As the industry leader in telemedicine, GlobalMed knows that implementing a virtual health program can seem daunting. However, given the explosive rise of COVID-19 cases, there is an unprecedented…

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Telemedicine 101: Answering Your Questions

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Lately, we’ve been hearing from providers who want to adopt telemedicine but haven’t run a virtual program before. Correctional leaders have asked how to provide medical care without inmates leaving the facilities. Small town doctors want to connect their rural communities to specialists in urban medical centers. Hospitals want to...
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Why Provider Networks Are Going Virtual

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Here’s what’s great about telemedicine: it can benefit multiple healthcare players at once. So often experience and cynicism have trained us to think of healthcare as a zero-sum game, where expanded market offerings for some patients drive up insurance premiums for others, or a payer’s cost savings program increases the...
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How To Become a Telemedicine Provider

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From medical emergencies to ordinary exams, telemedicine is shattering healthcare barriers all over the world. In addition to reducing costs and improving outcomes, virtual health can bring advanced care to underserved patients while relieving overworked providers. Yet for some clinicians, telemedicine is still shrouded in mystery – often because they’re...
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How COVID-19 is Changing Telemedicine Reimbursement

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In late January, we published our forecast on telemedicine reimbursement this year. That was just two months ago, and yet it feels like a lost era compared to the world we’re living in today. The worst global pandemic in years has changed life as we know it, from our jobs...
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Can Insurance Companies Choose Your Telehealth Vendor?

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Telemedicine reimbursement is a notoriously complex topic. Policies tend to vary between states, payers, procedure codes and other factors; a variety of myths and misperceptions can complicate virtual health strategy even more. That’s one reason clarity is so important when it comes to telehealth reimbursement – not just because it...
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Dynamic Integration: Reducing Costs And Enabling Virtual Health Data Interoperability

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Introducing DIMS GlobalMed recently announced that it is delivering FHIR-enabled integration to address interoperability limits between virtual care delivery solutions and other systems such as EHRs and practice management software. While others have dubbed FHIR a golden ticket, there are undoubtedly challenges associated with its use, deployment, and management that...
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Telemedicine – A Powerful Tool for COVID-19 Management

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As the number of documented cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, health officials and providers are exploring virtual care delivery to screen patients for infection away from crowded emergency departments and provide a safer care alternative for those in isolation after a positive diagnosis. And while telehealth’s most critical benefit...
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HIMSS20: Expanding Care to Africa’s Most Vulnerable with Telemedicine

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HIMSS20 is right around the corner – and GlobalMed is excited to be represented on stage on Thursday, March 12 in an education session “Transforming Africa’s Health Crisis with Telemedicine.” Yaya Mbaoua, CEO of The Mbaoua Group, and Krystylle L. Richardson, CEO of, will tell riveting stories of two…

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